Overloaded with stress and work, we more often feel the effects of modern life. We are starting to have mental problems. Sensitive people get nervous diseases. Those who are affected more and more often present their problem loudly, wanting to change the stereotypical perception of society. Patients come out of the shadows, publishing their stories, feelings on social media, blogs, sometimes on YouTube channels. I was particularly interested in the topic of bipolarity, because it most often affects people from creative and artistic fields.
I observed a problem in society with acceptance of otherness, in this case a suffering man, not through his fault. Bipolar affective disorder changes a person's personality in different ways, it is associated with several stages (types) of affective disorder. To this book I was inspired by the text "Creativity and bipolarness",
in which the author presents the relationship between the disease and above-average creativity.I wanted to document visually, present the problems of these people. I relied on various descriptions of doctors and the suffering people themselves. Some patients are stigmatized by the environment, which hides their problem.
This book is intended for everyone, for those who are not aware, the topic of bAD is foreign to them. For those who want to meet, for those who are affected indirectly - families, friends suffering.
  However, I dedicate it primarily to people with BAD. A kind of information collection that stimulates our thinking, aimed at giving understanding to those who need it or alert those who have
a problem but underestimate it.





mixed state

artists with bipolar disorder
Dwubiegunowość is an artbook designed by the Julia Kazimierska
Book printed by Drukarnia Tłustym Drukiem
Paper by Papierowy Design

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